Major Social Media Algorithms Explained!


Major Social Media Algorithms Explained! Social media algorithms... Three words every content marketer fears! Algorithms know more about us than we think. Google knows our darkest secrets, Amazon knows our purchasing history, but it’s the social media algorithm that knows the most about us. For most of us, social media is how we know what’s [...]

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Picking the Right Social Media Platforms for your Business 


How many social media platforms are there and which ones should I be on? Social media can be tricky business for your business! You want to sign up to every possible social media platform so your business can be seen by as many people as possible, right? Turns out this can actually stump your efforts! [...]

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Social Media Roundup: June 2019


Social Media Roundup: June 2019 Summer is finally here… Woop! Social networks have started the summer season in a chill way, as June brought no game-changing updates! However, there were a few small tweaks and new additions that could improve your social media strategies, so, let’s dive in and see what was new on social [...]

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Social Media Roundup: May


Social Media Roundup: May With updates on ad transparency, a security scandal and lots of exciting new features, let’s take a look at what’s new on social media this month! Twitter Quote Tweets with Media Files At the beginning of the year, Twitter began testing out a new feature which would allow users to retweet [...]

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