Why Spring 2021 is CRITICAL for School Marketing and Some ‘Must Do’ Activities

What is your biggest tip for marketing and communications this Spring Term?

It has to be to think beyond the pandemic. 

Rather scarily, 25 independent schools in the UK have closed as a direct result of Covid-19 (source: TES, 12 Aug 2020). The current pandemic has impacted on family finances and, coupled with the growing competition between schools to retain and recruit pupils, marketing has never been more vital for the independent schools sector in supporting them in being sustainable going forwards.

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2020 Social Media Content Trends

Content Marketing , Social Media Marketing

Times change and the way people use social media evolves constantly. So, if you thought you could stick to the same 2019 content trends, you need to think again! Social media is always on the move, as is the behaviour of online consumers. Therefore, marketers need to be a step ahead in keeping consumers entertained, interacting and engaged. This blog will explore the 2020 content trends you’ll need to keep up with.

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Instagram Content to Drive Engagement

Content Marketing , Social Media Marketing

Let’s be honest. If you’re not on Instagram, you’re losing out on some big ROI.

As of May 2019 there were 22 million Instagram users in the UK alone. That’s A LOT of potential eyes on your business. 

We’ve covered in a previous post that social media requires more than just posting and hoping for the best. It requires an understanding of your audience, their interests and their pain points. 

It also requires an understanding of the Instagram algorithm.

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The Lowdown on Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Can content marketing work for small businesses? We see the larger brands pumping out great content, more great content and even more great content. In fact we use these brands as an example of content marketing done right. But for businesses whose pockets aren’t so deep and who don’t have every possible resource on hand, can content marketing still work?

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What Are The Benefits Of Content Marketing?

Content Marketing , Marketing

The digital age has provided a lot of new options for marketing. It can be quite overwhelming for new business owners to understand what approaches are available to them. With things like social media marketing and SEO to get your head around, you may feel a bit daunted by the idea of planning a content marketing strategy.

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