What are the best practices when using Facebook for business? And why is it important that we use it.On May 4th, 2017 Facebook announced that the number of people using Facebook each month increased to 1.94 billion, of which nearly 1.3 billion use it daily. What does this mean for your business? Well, it means you need to be using Facebook to promote what you do, help customers find you and importantly interact with your business. No other advertising channel where customers can directly interact with your business can compete with those numbers, and as a result, every business should have a company Facebook page.

When considering a strategy for Facebook for business, it’s important to come to terms with what you want to achieve. Is your goal to make adverts and drive traffic to your website or do you want to drive traffic to a Facebook fan page where visitors can “like” what you do and interact with your brand?

A combination of both is probably the best choice. But be sure that your primary reason for being on Facebook is clear before you start working – this is where we can help you. At Jump Fish we break down your audience at a granular level, we can get a clear understanding of what they want from you, and how you can serve them. Which ultimately increases sales and brand reach.

Who benefits the most from Facebook marketing?

Contrary to what many believe, business marketing on Facebook benefits small, traditional retailers and businesses the most. Because small businesses offer unique products & services to a smaller range of customers and Facebook provides an excellent opportunity to reach the exact target audience with a personal approach. It’s this personal approach that appears ‘organic’ and breaks down barriers that might otherwise be in place in traditional marketing approaches.

And importantly you don’t need massive budgets and the tech savvy of Apple to succeed in business marketing on Facebook. In fact, if you offer a niche product or service, you even have a competitive advantage. A large business will not have time to focus in depth on a single niche. At Jump Fish, we specialise in managing and creating Facebook marketing campaigns for our customers, many of whom don’t have huge budgets or in fact the manpower to dedicate a member of staff to managing the company Facebook (and other) social channels.