If you’re starting a new business or starting out on your own for the first time the prospect of jumping into content marketing can be a little daunting. Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs means creating engaging content and takes time and experience. The more experience you get, the faster you’ll get at creating engaging content. Before you write anything, we recommend you read everything you can. This, of course, takes time, time that you probably don’t have. In fact, the vast majority of the entrepreneurial clients we work with are extremely time poor.

Defining your goals

First things first, you need somewhere to tell the story of what it is you’re doing, what your business goals are and what your wins are when they happen. This is where your company blog comes in. The blog will be your ‘bread and butter’ content tool. It is imperative that you maintain a content creation programme for the blog. Build blog writing into your daily schedule or employ a content marketing agency to handle this for you. As your business grows you can start to task other members of your team with writing their own portion of the blog with a goal of creating a mixture of both long and short form content at least 16 times a month

Focus your efforts on quality content.

Quality content leads to far better engagement rates. One of the easiest ways to do this is to focus on telling your story. It’s a great technique to keep people’s attention that leads to better engagement rates and sharing across social media channels. Always provide value to the reader and try and steer clear of writing content for the sake of it.

Repurpose your content where appropriate

Once you have a foundation of content on your website you can then start reusing that content in other places. If for instance, you have a dozen posts about a particular aspect of what you do, that content can potentially be reused in a whitepaper or as a free PDF download. You can potentially request email addresses in return for the download – which in turn helps to grow your marketing database.

Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs – Publish where your customers are.

When considering using content marketing for entrepreneurs, it should go without saying that you need to share and publish your content where your customers actually are. Whilst, where you post your content, is important it is also just as important to consider who interacts with your content. People looking to potentially do business with you will be looking at who endorses you, who shares your content and who is willing to promote you and your content across their social media channels.

If you find someone that shares your content, then take the time to engage with them. Make contact. Thank them and if appropriate share their content and post a meaningful comment that shows you’ve taken the time to actually read it.

Key Takeaways on Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Focus on creating content that your ideal readership is actually going to engage with. There are multiple benefits to increasing the average time a reader spends on your site and an easy way to do this is through creating informative, high-quality content that will keep your readership interested in what you have to say.