Terms and Conditions

These terms are in effect from 1st January 2018 until further notice.

Shareable is the trading name of Shareable Limited, The Foundry, Parvilles, Hatfield Heath, Herts CM77 7AT. Company registration number 11233242. VAT number 289 7376 30.

These terms are subject to variance, from time to time, without notice, subject to the details below. These terms will apply to all Shareable Ltd, estimates. The price estimated is correct at the time of estimating and is valid, under these stated terms, for 30 days from the issue date, however, final invoice prices may vary from the initial estimate, this may be due to various factors, not exclusively including: changes and amendments made by client to quantity, times, deadlines, scope and content of project, delivery details, also the time taken in completing the component tasks, any alternations to the specification or brief may incur additional costs.

All prices quoted may be subject to VAT, (UK Value Added Tax) which is not chargeable on all services or goods, especially such as are wholly consumed outside the UK. VAT will be charged, as appropriate at the prevailing rate on the day of raising the invoice and as dictated by HMRC.

All goods and services, designs, creative work either real or intellectual, digital or tangible, are the property of Shareable Ltd, and remain such until paid for in full including tax and delivery charges. Shareable Ltd reserves the right to recover or hold back such items in dispute, pending resolution.

In acceptance of this estimate, you are entering into an agreed contract for marketing work, goods or services with Shareable Ltd. A purchase order, part payment or payment in advance may be required from the client before commencing the work outlined in this estimate.

Should a client abandon any project prior to completion, for their own reasons including third party reasons, a minimum of 50% of the total estimate or quote for services will be raised, although such sums may be greater than 50% depending on Shareable Ltd’s time and work and third-party materials expended on the task or project. The level of charge will be in the sole judgement of Shareable Ltd. Shareable Ltd will use any provided PO to cover any abandoned project invoice unless an alternative PO is supplied by the client. Physical goods ordered will be delivered and invoiced for if they have been ordered from third party suppliers at the time of any abandonment.

For new clients, a minimum deposit payment of 50% of the order value, plus VAT, is required upon Shareable Ltd commencing the work.

Shareable Ltd reserve the right to levy charges on all outstanding invoices in line with the following: Default contract settlement date shall be 30 days from the date of invoice unless expressly agreed in writing before the contract being started. Settlement is deemed to be made when cleared funds are transferred into the appropriate Shareable Ltd nominated account and payments received after these dates will be termed as overdue. Should an account become ‘overdue’ Shareable Ltd may elect to levy a charge at a rate of £25.00 per 7 day week that the account remains overdue; such a charge being the basic administration charge Shareable Ltd will levy for dealing with an overdue account, making telephone calls, sending and receiving letters, email and other communications in relation to the overdue account. Such sums as due in respect of overdue account management will be levied by invoice, as Shareable Ltd solely shall determine.

Should an overdue account remain unpaid and as a result, legal action be taken or legal advice be sought, the client will remain liable for all costs and charges incurred thereto by Shareable Ltd. If legal action is taken to recover overdue sums, all costs, including interest upon the outstanding sum, will be sought, including interest at 4% above the HSBC base lending rate, from time to time.

There is strictly no variance from these terms whatsoever, except those expressly agreed in writing before starting the work described in the estimate. All means of correspondence shall be valid including electronic and telephonic. The law that applies to all works, contracts and to these terms will be that of England and Wales.

Payments of deposits and balances may be made to:
Bank Details:

Barclays Bank
Romford Branch

Account name: Shareable Ltd
Sort code: 20-25-19
Account no.: 30311308

Please quote the estimate or invoice number on payment notices when making payment.
VAT No: 289 7376 30