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Strategic Marketing is critical to commercial success in any business that has to sell services or products. It is the overall thinking or plan-making that underpins any marketing plan. At Shareable we specialise in this ‘joined-up thinking’ and are able to plan and execute digital marketing strategies for a range of different companies, from funded start-ups, through to global technology companies.

Our agency is focused on delivering the right messages, at the right moment, through the right channels, directly to your clients. As a result, creative ideas by themselves won’t cut it anymore. Since platforms themselves are now unreliable in building brands, we need data-driven, systemic thinking.

Shareable is comfortable developing strategic brand marketing campaigns. With decades of industry experience within our senior leadership team, we have a deep understanding of all available marketing channels, which means we can always deliver effective storytelling for our clients.

As a strategic marketing agency, we work well in synergy with external agencies and other design and marketing partners and can either take the lead on projects or remain as a consultant specialist in the background.

Not to blow our own trumpet, but…

Let’s take a deeper look

Digital First

The world is rapidly shifting from analogue to digital, and you’re consuming more and more digital content on a daily basis – on mobile phones, laptops, workstation PCs and more. Companies that haven’t yet embraced this shift in their marketing strategies must quickly adapt. As consumers become increasingly tech-savvy, businesses cannot afford to be without an online, multi-platform presence.

Marketing Strategy Vs Marketing Plan

Your marketing strategy is the top-level guide or ‘rule book’ which dictates the direction your business is going in. It is this guide that then informs the actionable marketing plan which is the more detailed blueprint of how the company’s plan is going to be actioned. At Shareable we are able to help you build both the overarching strategy and the fine detail, actionable plan.

Underneath your marketing plan sits the specific tactical activities that deliver on the plan. This is important to understand because this is where many businesses go awry.

An awful lot of businesses, in particular SMEs, jump straight to this third stage, before carrying out the all-important strategic marketing thinking, and with no marketing plan in place. The result of this is that inevitably results in a lot of noise being made, which ultimately leads to nothing.

Tracking Performance

Very often, businesses that don’t take a strategic approach to their marketing also aren’t tracking the performance of what marketing activities they are undertaking. As a result, it’s almost impossible to show where ‘wins’ have been because they can’t show what’s worked and what hasn’t.

At Shareable we insist on tracking every element of what we do for our clients and we have even built reporting software into our management tools so that at the end of each strategic marketing cycle we are able to sit down with our clients and show them granular feedback on what’s worked and what hasn’t.

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