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Ask ME Corporate VIdeo Case Study Mitsubishi Electric


Mitsubishi Electric UK, a leader in sustainable HVAC solutions, partnered with Shareable to create a corporate video highlighting their commitment to sustainability and the talented teams that help their customers achieve their goals. The project included one comprehensive video and 30 shorter edits designed for organic and paid campaigns on LinkedIn.

Project Scope

Mitsubishi Electric UK sought to produce a series of videos that would effectively communicate their dedication to sustainability and showcase their team’s expertise. Shareable was tasked with the complete production process, from scripting and storyboarding to filming and editing. The project aimed to create engaging content that would resonate with both current and potential customers.


The pre-production phase involved extensive planning and coordination with Mitsubishi Electric UK. Our team worked closely with their marketing department to develop scripts that accurately reflected their brand message and sustainability initiatives. Storyboarding sessions ensured that the visual narrative was compelling and aligned with Mitsubishi Electric UK’s vision.


Filming took place at Mitsubishi Electric UK’s Hatfield HQ, where we filmed over 30 members of staff. The production process was meticulously planned to capture authentic interactions and highlight the company’s dynamic work environment. Alongside video, candid photography sessions provided additional content for their marketing needs.


Post-production was a crucial phase, where our editing team crafted a long-form video and 30 shorter edits optimised for LinkedIn. Each edit was tailored to fit the platform’s specifications and enhance viewer engagement. The final products were polished, professional, and ready to support both organic reach and paid promotional campaigns.

Ask ME Campaign Integration

The videos were seamlessly integrated into Mitsubishi Electric UK’s “Ask ME” campaign. This campaign featured various headlines such as “Ask ME about our people” and “Ask ME about our commitment to Net Zero,” allowing the content to focus on specific aspects of Mitsubishi’s values and goals. The storyboard detailed different scenes, each addressing key topics like sustainability, legislation, and their talented team members, effectively tying in with the broader campaign’s narrative.

Storyboards of the Mitsubishi Electric Corporate Video

Results and Impact

The videos were well-received, generating positive feedback from both Mitsubishi Electric UK and their audience. Engagement metrics showed a significant increase in interactions on LinkedIn, demonstrating the effectiveness of the content. Mitsubishi Electric UK praised the project for its quality and the seamless collaboration throughout the production process.

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