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Situated in the heart of Essex and extending our reach across Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, we’re more than just a transport provider. We’re a community driving change and enriching lives, one journey at a time. Whether it’s ensuring the safe passage of school children or offering a comfortable ride for adult day-care outings, our mission is to connect and serve with care and efficiency.

Who We Are: The Heartbeat of Community Transport

Acme Bus Co is at the forefront of school and special needs transport, proudly serving over 2,000 passengers daily across three counties. Our diverse fleet of vehicles, ranging from buses to minibuses and coaches, is dedicated to providing private hire services and more, ensuring every journey is a pleasant experience.

What We Offer: More Than Just a Job

Our team is our family, and we’re looking to welcome new members into full-time or part-time bus and coach driving roles. With depots in Widdington and Takeley and opportunities for remote work, we’re flexible to your lifestyle needs, ensuring a work-life balance that respects your time and contributions.

Embark on Your Next Adventure – Join Us Today!

Perks and Benefits: Why Join Acme?

  • Work-Life Balance: Enjoy part-time schedules perfect for retirees, with school holidays off, offering a seamless blend of work and personal life.
  • Age-Friendly Workplace: Thrive in an environment that values experience and dedication, where many of our team members find fulfilment and purpose well into retirement.
  • Great Location and Convenience: Whether you’re near our runs or depots, we prioritize your convenience and are ready to welcome you wherever you are.
  • A Supportive Family: At Acme, distance doesn’t diminish our bond. Whether you’re on the road or working from afar, our supportive network is always a call away.
  • Competitive Rewards: Benefit from competitive pay, a comprehensive pension scheme, and membership in the Transport Benevolent Fund, among other perks.

Join Our Journey

At Acme Bus Company, every role is a chance to make a difference. With a commitment to safety, community, and well-being, we ensure the best for our passengers and our team members. From comprehensive training to supportive colleagues and a fleet ready for the journey, we provide everything you need to start your next chapter.

Are you ready to drive change and embrace a rewarding career that values your experience and aspirations? Your seat awaits. Embark on Your Next Adventure – Join Us Today!

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“When I retired, I was looking for something to keep me motivated. The flexibility of this job enables me to take an active role in my grandchildren’s upbringing between the school runs and during the school holidays…”

Colin, Private Hire Taxi Driver

“I’ve been proud to serve with Acme and its team of caring and helpful leaders and drivers. A big bonus has been the training provided by the company! Acme has given me a great opportunity to serve the community: I thoroughly recommend part-time work with Acme!”

Jon D, PSV Driver

“Acme invested in me, and I gained a D1 Minibus qualification, which has been amazing”

Debbie, D1 Minibus Driver