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Content Focused SEO

The Shareable school of thought adopts the principle that it is the content of your website that really matters. This could be described as the “purist” content focused SEO view which assumes that if we develop high-quality website content for our clients, they will be rewarded with high-quality search rankings.

Good content attracts attention, inbound links, and other referrals. Over time the accumulation of good press gives our clients many of the same benefits as other methods of SEO. In addition, content focused SEO creates “natural” referrals, which tend to be more genuine, diverse, robust and long-lasting.

Our approach is based on creating large quantities of very high-quality website content, especially unique content. If for example, a client’s website is about the life cycle of the native New Zealand tuatara lizard, they will probably have plenty of content in a field without much competition. In this case, a modest amount of content and a few links from other sites will give the client a good chance of being well-placed in the SERPs.

If their website covers a more popular topic we obviously have to work much harder and produce a lot more content. ┬áIf a client’s website is about nutrition, this is obviously a much more competitive field, with many thousands of websites competing for the same keywords. At this level, it is much harder to get good SERP placement through content alone, although it is still possible especially when exploiting niche areas of an industry and corresponding keywords.

It gets worse for those competing for the very top keywords. If your site provides content in the area of “debt reduction” or “online gambling” you will find the competition is so fierce that content alone won’t be enough. This is where PPC and specialist SEO strategies come into play.

Content for Non-Content Sites

Many webmasters complain that they do not have a “content-based” website and they are therefore at a disadvantage. This often applies to business sites. For example, the owner of a furniture store website might bemoan the fact that their content is not unique and they have no hope of attracting customers unless they rely heavily on non-content SEO.

In most cases, this simply means the webmaster is not being creative enough. Almost any topic you can name can be written about. If you sell furniture on your website, write pages of advice about how to choose furniture, care for it, remove stains, make simple repairs, etc. You could employ an interior decorator to write articles about how furniture integrates with design. Do some research of your own and write about the history of chairs. This may sound an unlikely recipe for attracting customers but you would be surprised at how much it can help.

Except in very rare cases, you can add unique content to your site if you are sufficiently motivated.

Content Focused SEO: Quality vs Quantity

It’s not only the quality of content which matters – quantity is also very important. People search for a huge variety of words in all sorts of combinations. The more text you have, the more chance that some particular phrase will match the exact phrase someone is searching for.

Some search engines also place importance on quantity – they assume that a large website has had more effort put into development and is more likely to be high quality.

In short, it is not a case of quality vs quantity. The more of each you can get, the better.

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