Using social media to increase admissions

The competition for Independent School pupils has never been greater. In this webinar Nolan, our Strategic Marketing Director will take you through the advanced digital marketing techniques that Shareable uses to differentiate our corporate and schools clients from their competition. With practical, actionable techniques and strategies. How to define your
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lookalike audiences

Working with Lookalike Facebook audiences

How to create and implement Lookalike Audiences on Facebook. In this highly specific webinar, Nolan will cover the creation and implementation of Lookalike Audiences with real-world examples. Cost: £25.00 Attend Location Online Event Hours Friday 5th February 10.00 - 10.45
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New pupil acquisition

What are the key issues facing independent school marketing teams today? In this webinar Nolan works through the social and digital marketing techniques that we know from experience are working for our Independent Schools clients. Independent School Marketing in a post Covid world Current digital marketing trends and how they
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