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Having effectively 'grown-up' in the Marketing & Design Industry in the UK, Nolan has over 20 years of professional consumer and corporate design, PR and marketing experience. With significant experience in creative brand & digital marketing strategy for both new and established companies.

Persona Marketing


Creating Marketing Personas that actually work for your business. The creation of ‘personas’ or Persona Marketing to give it its formal title is one of the first things students learn when studying for marketing degrees. As a result, it’s a technique that’s often much maligned and thought of as being old-fashioned. However, in real terms [...]

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How to Increase your website’s Organic Traffic


How to Increase your website’s Organic Traffic Increasing your website’s organic traffic is the holy grail of most business owners and marketing managers. The challenge is always to make sure your business is found over a competitor’s. SEO and PPC obviously play an important part in this, especially when short-term wins are required, however, they’re [...]

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Facebook Lookalike Audiences


Facebook Lookalike Audiences Facebook Lookalike Audiences are a tool we use a lot when targeting potential customers for our clients on Facebook. Essentially Facebook lookalike audiences are audiences that are demographically similar to your current custom audience or mailing list. When we create a Facebook Lookalike Audience, we take your source custom audience and we use Facebook to identify [...]

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Facebook for business


Facebook for business What are the best practices when using Facebook for business? And why is it important that we use it. On May 4th, 2017 Facebook announced that the number of people using Facebook each month increased to 1.94 billion, of which nearly 1.3 billion use it daily. What does this mean for your business? Well, [...]

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